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Our story

MN AUDIO specializes in R&D micro chip and producing complete sound solutions for  personal mobile entertainment, TV and spaces such as car (moving-room), smart-home, smart-zone, smart-city, etc.

MN Audio was established based on a special project of Notes Audio: The Fancy Ocean.


At the beginning Notes Audio wanted to make an all-in-one Music server (a compact music player combining a wireless connector, a music storage, a DAC and an Amplifier). To be specific, Fancy Ocean is designed to accompany with nice speakers from several well-established brands, in order to create a simple yet beautiful sound generator which goes well with the modern decor style.

For us, the installation and the usage should be straighforward so that the listeners can easily "feel the moment" – enjoying every moment of the subtle vibrations of music. This philosophy is totally diffferent from the one held by the “equipment-philes” - who focus too much on a “Hi-end” system combining an abundance of complex elements such as electric source, wires, power source, Pre-amplifier, Pow-amplifier, speaker, etc. and forget to enjoy the pleasure of listening to the music.  

Nonetheless, creating the simple yet delicate thing requires a significant of time and resources, especially creating a complete system. Notes Audio decided to go deeper into the core technology with a companion from an angel-investor group who follow the same direction: Namster Do and his fellows (Up Coworking Space)


MN AUDIO was founded with a core team of hardware and audio solution engineers from Notes Audio. We have focused on creating a decoder (DAC) based on chips produced by well-known manufacturers around the world and in the long-term, we attempt to make MN AUDIO’s chip which is based on the FPGA technology. Once completing that task, we will gradually master the sound system and ensure to convey the desired experience to the listeners.

Some results measured on the early meters and listening  showed that we were on the right track for the first year.


In parallel with that, we design the power filter, Pre and Power Amplifier ​​along with the speakers. Connection and control software are also being developed to ensure the system harmonization.


MN Audio is going deeper into the core technology to enhance the audio experience for listeners. We are continually improving with the efforts of the group and each member: always willing to learn. 

Nguyen Cong Tuan



Le Hoai Phuong



Bui Bao Linh



Do Viet Hoa



Do Thai Hung



Namster Do (Do Hoai Nam)




With a clear direction, we have studied and learned from well-known firms and engineers in the world and then tested and developed components by ourselves. Our scope of work covers all areas: from designing the structure of the FPGA chip, drawing electronic circuit, producing sample to measuring and testing, listening and tuning. The functional simulation and the thorough calculations have saved time and limitted errors occuring in the electronic circuit design process. Simulating the components through 3D shape while collaborating with our industrial design team build the logical structure of the product and ensure the convinence of mass production process. 


Above all, the system was born to transmit sound and music to listeners. Machinery and components are just tools. People who do, according to us, are the core. New technology and tools will gradually emerge and we want to constantly learn and work to apply new advances in products / solutions. That's how we are doing in MN Audio.


To achieve this goal, MN Audio wants to have a companion from you. We need more resources on Money, Places, Test Equipment and maybe your special ability. Please contact us to meet and discuss more.



Address: Creative Lab by Up - No1 Luong Yen Str., Hanoi

Email: info.mnaudio@gmail.com

Phone: 0365 821 031

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